Hugh Hefner Dead: Is The Playboy Icon ‘Skeletal’ & On His Death Bed?

Hugh Hefner dead hoaxes are at it again. The Playboy Enterprises founder is a death hoax favorite, picking on him because of his age. But Hefner is now said to have a “skeletal” figure, which scares and worries those who are close to him. Is he dead or nearing death?

91 years is a milestone; an age Hefner has proudly reached. And for a man of his age and his background, it is no easy feat. He spent most of his younger years partying and basking on the adulation of women. Now, those days are catching up with him.

Hugh is still alive but former Playboy bunny, Carla Howe said that she was shocked when she saw Hugh recently.  She revealed that Hugh usually stays inside his room but if he goes out, he has to be accompanied by an “on standby” team of nurses.

He was also said to look “skeletal” due to his weight. He is allegedly only 90 lbs.

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The Hugh Hefner dead hoaxes were close to home, that a police had to literally visit the woman magnate’s mansion to see if he was still alive. “Mr. Hefner spoke with an officer at the West LA station and confirmed he’s OK,” said LAPD officer Mike Lopez.

Hugh’s camp was quick to correct the rumors. “Hugh Hefner is fine…He has suffered with back pain that has made it a bit more challenging…but…he is enjoying his life and still very involved in the day to day activities of editing the magazine,” said Teri Thomerson, Playboy Enterprise spokeswoman.

Hugh Hefner dead rumors even prompted Hugh himself to tweet about the false reports saying that he should have cancelled his weekend plans if tabloids informed him earlier that he was going to be sick.

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